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Jessica Rhodes
September 2011
123 Feel Better

Physical Wellness is one of the 7 Aspects of Wellness, the major life areas that need our attention for total wellness and a full, complete lifestyle. This wellness aspect is an essential factor in how we feel, and it is vital that we all engage in Physical Wellness activities if we want to feel good about ourselves and our lives.

Everyone has different ideas and experiences when it comes to Physical Wellness. Some of us don’t think about it at all. Some of us set unrealistically high standards for ourselves and give up when we don’t meet those goals. Some of us make attempts to get more fit and feel healthier, but we find we don’t have the time or the patience for a regular routine. Others of us want to practice healthier habits but don’t know where to begin.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, there are some simple steps you can take every day to increase your Physical Wellness. If you’re just getting started, you can integrate these tips as your Physical Wellness evolves, and, if you’ve been taking steps toward better fitness for a while, you might find something new on the list that surprises you. Physical Wellness isn’t just about diet and exercise. It also involves rest and leisure, hygiene and self-care activities.

Explore this list of quick and easy tips to enhance your Physical Wellness routine.

-Drink plenty of water. This tip shows up everywhere, and with good reason. Most of us know we should drink water, but we don’t. We drink tea, coffee, juice, and of course, plenty of soda. None of these can match the health-enhancing power of water. Why drink more water? Water is essential for every bodily function, because we’re actually made of 70 percent water. Not drinking enough water can lead to various health problems including constipation, dry skin, weight gain, nose bleeds, headaches and sinus problems. Our cells need water to remove waste and assimilate nourishment. If we’re engaging in regular physical activity, water intake is of particular importance. The more we sweat, the more water we lose, and we’ve got to make up the difference. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses a day—more if you can swing it. And no, diet soda doesn’t count!

-Get moving. We all know that regular physical activity is necessary for fitness. It’s also essential for our emotional health. Of course, there are those of us who love working out, but many of us prefer a nice long evening on the couch at the end of a hard day. Some of us would argue that we’d love to exercise regularly, but we simply don’t have the time. But physical activity comes in all forms. Recent research has shown that walking in 10-minute bursts throughout the day can have the same heart health benefits as 30 minutes of continuous walking at the same pace. So, take a short walk first thing in the morning, at lunchtime and after dinner. Exercise has a cumulative effect, but the key is consistency. For optimum Physical Wellness, it’s vital that we each fit in a minimum of 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week. We can all find the time. Want to do more? Go for it, but don’t overdo it!

-Don’t forget a healthful diet! With the explosion of fad diets over the last few years and our general lack of knowledge about proper eating habits, a healthful diet isn’t what it used to be. But the guidelines are a lot simpler than many of us think. Three meals a day, a couple of light snacks and a focus on whole foods including proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the main ingredients for healthful eating. Keep refined sugar intake to a minimum. The quickest way to make a change? Add a salad of raw vegetables and fruits to your daily diet.

-Go to bed! That’s right. Getting plenty of sleep is an often overlooked but vital part of any good Physical Wellness routine. We also need a little time to unwind before bed. Create a bedtime routine. For an hour before bedtime, we can do something relaxing to get us in the mood for sleep. Avoiding physical activity is key. Instead, we should focus on being still and quiet. Reading, taking a hot bath, listening to music or watching a little television are all good choices for winding down. Once this becomes routine, our bodies will know that these activities are a signal for sleep, and we’ll find it easier to drift off.

-How about hygiene? Our hygiene habits have a significant effect on how we feel. Showering, moisturizing, brushing our teeth and flossing may seem like simple acts, but it’s amazing how often we neglect some of these essentials—especially moisturizing and flossing. Making it a point to perform all four of these simple hygiene acts every day is an act of self-love that can make us feel better emotionally as well as physically.

These are the basics of Physical Wellness. Doing any or all of these things is a great way to start down the path toward a healthier body and a happier outlook. Not only do our bodies get in better shape, but our minds become sharper and our emotions steadier. Along with the other 7 Aspects of Wellness, Physical Wellness creates a solid foundation for a better life.

Author: Jessica Rhodes
Date: September 8th, 2011
Website: http://www.123feelbetter.net

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