Quick Tips for Spiritual Wellness

Jessica Rhodes
September 2011
123 Feel Better

Spiritual Wellness is one of the 7 Aspects of Wellness, the major life areas that need our attention as we grow toward a more balanced lifestyle. It is also one of the most broad wellness aspects, as each of us walks a highly personal path toward spiritual understanding. At its most basic, Spiritual Wellness is about finding meaning and purpose within one’s place in the universe, making a connection with whatever spiritual being or belief system we’re attracted to and living those beliefs in our daily lives.

Spiritual Wellness may or may not involve participation in a religion. Again, everyone is different. Some of us may prefer to hone our spiritual connection in a community of faith with others who share our beliefs. Some of us may prefer a more solitary and eclectic approach. The goal is the same, whatever path we choose. We’re looking for a set of spiritual principles upon which to base our lives and give us a sense of meaning.

Spiritual Wellness often involves finding a higher power. For many, belief in a higher power of some kind reminds us that we are not alone in this world—that there is something greater at work. Spiritual Wellness also involves feeling more connected to the world around us, as well as connecting to our inner spirits.

Wherever we are on our path toward Spiritual Wellness, there are some simple things we can do to strengthen our connection, discover meaning and purpose and develop our own belief systems:

-Meditate. Taking just 5 minutes a day to sit quietly and make contact with our deepest selves can have a profound effect on our outlook. Many people are intimidated by the idea of sitting quietly and concentrating on nothing, but it’s important not to take meditation so seriously. If we sit quietly in a restful position, take repeated deep and relaxing breaths, and simply focus on not thinking about any one thing in particular, we’ll be able to get beyond our daily worries to a place of peace and calm. Another method of meditation involves sitting quietly and watching our thoughts go by like clouds moving across a sky. We simply watch the thoughts without judgment or engagement. Starting our days this way can leaves us feeling refreshed and ready to go.

-Read a spiritually uplifting thought for the day. Sometimes a short, simple, inspiring message can suddenly give us just the spiritual lift we need. Reading short meditations and affirmations can also help us to refocus on the positive, reaffirm our beliefs. They can even provide us with a bit of much-needed advice. It’s easy to find meditations that fit with any belief system and spiritual lifestyle. There are a multitude of books containing daily affirmations, and we can even find short meditations on the Internet. Some sites even offer a daily email affirmation.

-Practice being in the moment. Memories of the past and worries over the future often distract us from our spiritual journey. They drown out the voice of the spirit, which is always with us in the present moment. So how can we get into the present moment when thoughts of the past and future are so persistent? A walking meditation will often do the trick. As we walk, we can focus on the trees, the way the concrete path looks, the sounds we hear as they happen and the color of the sky. We can focus on our breathing as we walk. Seeking out every detail, moment by moment, will keep our minds off of the past and the future so that we can live squarely in the present.

-Explore different religious and spiritual traditions. Learning more about different walks of faith can open our eyes to our connectedness with every person on the planet. Most religious and spiritual traditions agree on the fundamental principles of love, compassion, kindness and responsibility. Looking at spiritual issues from an inclusive, curious perspective can even help us to deepen our own sense of meaning within our existing spiritual practices.

-Pray. It has been said that prayer is the practice of speaking, and meditation is the practice of listening. Prayer is strongly associated with religious traditions, but we don’t have to be a member of a religious group or believe in a certain higher power to engage in prayer. The key to prayer is focusing on opening our hearts and sharing our souls with whatever universal spirit we understand.

Whatever our spiritual background and direction, we can all participate in these activities for greater Spiritual Wellness. As our sense of connection, meaning and purpose grows, our hearts and spirits will open up, and our own innate wisdom will begin to guide us further. Practicing regular Spiritual Wellness can help create an unshakable foundation for a full and rich life.

Author: Jessica Rhodes
Date: September 8th, 2011
Website: http://www.123feelbetter.net

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